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Tips and Troubleshooting
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Tips and Troubleshooting
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Experience is the best teacher...

On this page We will include some of our tips and tricks I've learned while doing our hobby. Where appropriate, I'll include steps or pictures to help clarify our explanations.

Please feel free to contribute your own tips - We will post the best ones so everyone can see them.

Here's a common problem most M14A/M16 series rifles happen to have.

Tip 1: Barrel Wobble

Barrel wobble is a very common problem in airsofting. You may have to tighten your delta ring after every game. Classic Army is known for barrel wobble more than any other company. More tips are on the way.

List of Tips

In this area are some tips to minimize barrel wobbly on your AEG

Tip 1: Check to make sure the Delta Ring it tight and secure.
Tip 2:
Tip 3:
Tip 4:
Tip 5:
Tip 6:
Tip 7:

Tips when playing airsoft.
When playing airsoft,all objects are your friends to blend in and become hidden and dangerous.  Use cover to take advantage of your oppenents out in the open. Always try to make it one shot one kill dont just blaze be a marksman.

Always be the predator not the prey

Airsofters With A Testimony