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Team Roster/ Team Rules

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Team Roster/ Team Rules
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This page is a list of our team roster and our team rules if you wish to be apart of AWAT.

Here is a list of the Rules of our team that will be enforced at every meeting or game AWAT attends.


Rule 1: Be a good sport and not a sore loser.


Rule 2: Do not at any time or for any reason swear or make and out burst of anger towards anyone or anything.(Remember where all out there to have fun and enjoy eachothers fellowship)

Rule 3: Do not try to cheat by saying the bb bounced and hit you.

Rule 4: Don't make any physical contact with any other player on the field unless specified at the begining of the game. (This means fighting in anger or unwanted contact such as harassment.)
Rule 5: Treat the opposing team as you would have them treat you with the same respect and sportsmanship you would expect.
Rule 6: No profanity or upscene picutres at events or anything that has to do with AWAT events.

Equipment/Gear Needed

Here is what you will be needing to play at games we hold or attend. ( For the most part)
1.Bdu's preffered, but whatever you desire.
2.An AEG of some sort or sniper rifle as your primary weapon
3.A GBB pistol or shotgun or some sort of sidearm for CQC
4.Hydration pack for hydration during matches
5.Some sort of eye or full face protection.
6.Exrta Magazines, ammo, batteries, and gas if needed.
7.Some sort of radio to keep in contact with the team.
8.A tactical vest or or any add on gear to hold equipment.
9.Any addiontal gear need for long event such as weekend events will be adressed on the forums with games that will be set up.

AWAT Team Roster


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